Week9: Prototyping

Hi World

Today we didn’t have a lecture but we mostly had a discussion in the group. Vince was checking the working process of each group. It was a quiet day which there were only Reggie and me in our group today. We usually communicated the process in Teams, so this was not different from online discussion.

We planned the task that Reggie and Frenciya were going to handle the prototyping model; Gongbo worked on the poster; Leo was doing a video presentation and I was making the storyboard. We discussed managing the poster layout today on the Miro board. The layout on the left-hand side was from Frenciya and the one on the right-hand side was from me.

During the meeting, I drew a rough sketch of the storyboard and showed it to the group. The picture below was my rough sketch which showed how to use the product. I planned to redraw it in Illustrator again, when I go back home, with another laptop that contains the Adobe programs.