Week9: Design Thinking

Hi World

Last week I had a group meeting with En, Miya and Leo. We discussed our prototyping for the next week.

For this week, we started with a prototyping presentation from each group. We were the last group to present. I first presented the idea of the project that it is a kind of children service and our storyboard. Mia presented the smartphone application which is used in the service then Leo presented his idea about the game which encourage children to play together.

After the presentation, we got feedback that we need to work on a persona because our methods and targets were not clear. Paloma, my classmate who has kids, gave us an idea that, as a parent, she was quite appreciative of an application that can connect to local people and local kids to play together. Carolyn also suggested to us in her lecture that we can make a role-play to build a strong persona. How much kids feel enjoy in the game.

After finish the presentation, we had a lecture about the aspect of UX which were:
- Usability
- Learnability
- Accessibility
- Practicality
- Enjoyment
- Playability
- Effectiveness

A good test should be 1–2 feature per prototype. We also studied the observation method and “I like, I wish” method.

Before the end of the class, Carolyn gave us a small workshop that one person in the team had to draw a picture that the team must tell what to draw. I was the one who drew the picture as my team said what to draw. We started with 3 circles in vertical and 3 dots inside the middle circle. I can guess that it must be a snowman but I needed to know the details inside the picture. I asked and drew then it was quite similar to the original picture. It was fun.

Aries | ISFP | 6w7 | Brisbane, Queensland | Master of Design @QCA