Hi World

Week 6, we had a lecture as usual. Today Vince introduce us to foam prototyping. He brought us to the machine room and evaluated how to use the heated machine.

Vince emphasised we work safely. At the beginning of work, we need to open the air vacuum located next to the heated machine and wear a mark or eyeglasses to protect ourselves while working. He showed us the tools and how to use them nicely then left some of my classmates using the tool while having a small break.

After the break was the most exciting time. Vince set the group assessment randomly in Microsoft Exel. As the picture showed above, I was in group 6 with Reggie, Leo, Frenciya and Gongbo from the online class. It was only me and Reggie in the class today, so we started with making a Teams video conference and got to know each other.

Then we had a discussion with our own project and voted that which project we gonna go further. Frenciya had a stable sandal which users can modify the sandal themselves; Reginaldo (Reggie) had a foot scrubbing device; Leo had a table for reading; Gongbo had an elderly cane, and I had a screen magnifier.
At the end of the discussion, we decided to go with Reggie’s idea, the foot scrubbing device.

Aries | ISFP | 6w7 | Brisbane, Queensland | Master of Design @QCA