Week6: Emerging Design Future

Hi world

Today we had a guest! We started today’s lecture with Brett Krause, Eleni introduced him as a client from Brettacorp inc. He roughly told us about his planting project and showed us some of the media that he has done. He was looking for strategies to raise money for the Miyawaki forests and he needed us to think about the methods. This is quite excited to work with a real client and think of design strategies.

After Brett’s introduction, Eleni’s lecture was about disruptive design, and we started with the introduction of the Disruptive Design Method video from Leyla Acaroglu. In the video, she spoke very fast and couldn’t catch the idea well and I had to watch it again. One of Eleni’s studying resource was an article on the phycology of Government which mostly similar to Brettacorp inc. The case study gives an example of fundraising and some design strategies to start thinking.

In my opinion, I can think of a campaign to encourage the general people to spend their money to donate to Brettacorp. How about they can own their tree in the Miyawaki forests. Other people like to own something for themselves. It would be better if we provide a valuable story about the Miyawaki forests and make a valuable story for people to join. For example, they can spend $50 on the donation and they can choose tree species and name the tree that they buy and plant in the Miyawaki forests. If this campaign is successful, the people might see how big of the forest they are participated with and they can say “My tree is growing inside the forest too”. Who knows if they visit the Miyawaki forests in one day and found their name tag at the tree, they might be impressive!.

What do we need is

  • Well-storytelling
  • Build a character of Brett and the Miyawaki forests
  • Inspiring people to participate

Go fun and crazy!

After the lecture was the tutorial and discussion time. Gabriella emphasised the report structure for our assessment which will submit on the next week. We thought of a phenomenon that changed people belief or lifestyle or the ways we had lived. Pip came up with Cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, and she said this digital currency changed the ways that people pay for things and gain money.

This was my first understanding about Cryptocurrency

I have heard the Bitcoin currency, but I’d never know the method that people gain their money on Cryptocurrency before. Gabriella also courioused about Cryptocurrency, so we had a tutorial on Cryptocurrency and the way it charged people life.