Week2: 7524QCA Prototyping

Hi world

It was unfortunate that I missed the lecture class in week 1 because of my part-time job. The lecture time schedule was changed from Wednesday to Tuesday, and I couldn’t change my work period that week: therefore, I had to record the first lecture while working and reviewed it later. Prototyping is a subject that relates to my educational background. My undergraduate is in Product design, so I pretty feel familiar with this subject. In my experience, Prototyping was fun when making a model, but I actually tortured with the 3D drawing and programming.

This is my second week of Prototyping. My tutor, Vincent, introduced us to a 3D modelling program, Solidwork. Solidwork is my favourite program when creating a model because it’s easy to measure and calculate space in modelling, but, in my point of view, it isn’t quite good at rendering.

“Problems” in group discussion

At the end of the class, we discussed a daily problem to generate an idea for our assessment. Sommerset, my classmate, broadly came up with many issues such as transportation, elderly care, diet, job seeking and dating. Honestly, I’m not good at explaining my idea, therefore, I followed those points and wrote down an aspect that related to each issue. For an individual project, I think I’m going to work on elderly issues, and start thinking with questions 5WH and 1H then plan it on Miro.

Aries | ISFP | 6w7 | Brisbane, Queensland | Master of Design @QCA