Week2: 7521QCA Design Thinking

Hi everyone

This is the second week of studying Design Thinking. At the beginning of the class, we had a presentation about what we were working on last week about screen time. I made five pages of a Microsoft slide presentation then I realised that other peers made their presentation on Miro. I’m actually not familiar with Miro, and I got struggling to manage the mind mapping structure on Miro. It seems like I got lots of dot points in my mind which both relevant and irrelevant to the topic, but I cannot manage them to show how am I thinking well. I pretty amazed that many of my classmates were skilful in presenting what were they thinking, and I felt a bit shame that my slide was nothing new in design thinking. After the presentation, we had a lecture about the children case study then Social innovation was presented.

Once Carolyn showed us the previous work which relates to our first assessment. In my point of view, this project is kind of like an infographic that is very specific in details. I felt a bit scared because I’m going to work on children’s screen time, but I’m not good at dealing with children *crying*. In other choices, I might interview their parent or another guardian too.

An example of our assessment

Then we had a small workshop that encouraged us to think of the infinite ‘why’ questions. I began with a problem that ‘children spend time too much on screen’ then my classmate, Chris, asked me ‘Why they spend too much time on screen’. It’s kind of building a why question in every answer, and it ended up with ‘because the parent doesn’t take much care of their children’s activities and use a tablet or a smartphone as a baby sitter’. There was no right or wrong answer, but it was useful to learn other’s aspects.

Carolyn’s lecture about questioning

After finish the class, I have a part-time job to handle. When I went back home I set up an online template from Carolyn on Miro and started working on my task.

The template sheets from L@G

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