Week12: Design Thinking

Hi World

The final day of the study! Today was a showcase! I’m scared! *shaking*

We started with the team from Xzibitz (I hope I spell it correctly). They presented their project as if they invited us to the art gallery. It was totally perfect for the presentation. I love the idea of how they expressed it. Well done!

Our group was the next presenter. I didn’t have a chance to take our photo, so I put the link to our video presentation here. https://vimeo.com/558377088
Overall, it was good for the final one. We presented it on time and it has finally done.

The next presentation was from Ollie. I was quite surprised that he worked on the project alone and made it really awesome. I like the way he think of the pen pal to solve the problem. I also wanted to use his service too.

The last presentation was from pjsnt (I don’t know the exact name. I just guess that they got the team name from their first letter of the member’s name), Lucky & Poopy. Samatha was good at presenting and Pay was good at animation as well. I love the poopy mascot at the end of the presentation. Good job Jojo!

Finally, I felt thankful for everyone today. Good luck with your result you are the best!