Tri2 Week6: Experience Design

Hi World

This was the week after I submitted the first assignment. At the beginning of the lecture, Carolyn had a small talk about the first assignment then showed the assignment scheduled as usual. She said the next assignment is going to take time for 6 weeks and will be presented on week 12. Then she explained the assignment criteria and the requirement of the team project.

She talked about the assignment process and reviewed the topic of happiness again. After that, she gave us the Miro board URL and told everyone to fill in the concept, insights and ideas of their work on a sticky note on the board. I love rainbow, and I love the board colours. I filled in my information about the role-playing community to reduce stress concepts and ideas. I also put in problems and insights that I’ve found in my report to show everyone my ideas. After everyone completed their task, Carolyn allowed us to vote for the project that we are going to work on further.

We were choosing the team to work on the next assignment. Eventually, there were 4 topics that had the highest vote. Firstly, the women’s sexual wellness from Julia. Secondly, the exercise for happiness from Viviana. Thirdly, the sustainable consumption/fashion from Kate. Lastly, the music for healing meditation from Jill. I voted for Jill and I wanted to work with her ideas. Unfortunately, she gave up on her topic and join Kate’s team, so we got only 3 teams at the moment. It’s kind of heartbroken at this stage. I secondly chose the women’s sexual wellness then I checked on Julia’s brief again. Then I realise that I might not work well on this topic, so I change my mind and ended up joining Viv’s team whose topic was Exercise finally.

Next, Carolyn talked about team roles and the personality type of each member. She gave us a link to complete the test and find our own personality type. She gave us about 10–15 minutes during the break to complete the test.

I got INFP-T this time. I had completed this test before, and I usually got ISFP-A or INFP-A. I used to find my personality type on other websites. I also got the results between INFP or ISFP, but sometimes when I was forced to interact with people, I did the test and I got ENFP too. I believed that my personality type can be changed by the situation at the time I lived. My 2 first letters can be changed by the situation, but my 2 last letters have never been changed.
Carolyn asked for our results and everyone ticked their results on the screen. It seemed most people in the class were the diplomats class and one was a logician. That surprised me!

Carolyn connected the personality type to start as a team role. She suggested every team start creating a group and a Miro board and said she will set the breakout group to allow the member to discuss after the class. Then She started explaining about navigation in XD element. The navigation can help people in their direction. We have to think about websites, products, services, etc. think about why the navigation related to design matters and how it can help people.

The navigation required simple, logical, structured, intuitive and responsive in design criteria. She showed an example of navigation on and indicated how it guides people to use the website without the tutorial. It helped to visualise how websites use navigation to guide the website visitors.
When Carolyn finished her lecture today, she talked about homework next week and created the breakout groups for everyone to discuss their project after the class. Honestly, I didn’t have much time for the meeting because of my part-time job. I discussed with the team for half-hour then left the room to travel to work.

After work, I didn’t do many things this week. I created the Miro board and added a temporary name for the board was ‘GO! Exercise!’. I usually checked on the Miro board and the team discussion in Microsoft Teams during this week, and also wrote my blogs. I think I spend too much time blogging because of my lack of English skills and communication. Every time in the blogging process, I made a list of what Carolyn talked about each week and print the screenshot as a saved draft on Then I wrote reflections and what I have done each week at the bottom of the blog later. Although I had a dot-point list, I need to review the class recording again to write the blog in more detail. Especially, when I have to do a part-time job 5 days a week, my brain was blank and I feel too tired to review the study after finish a job. In my point of view, I like Medium because it’s free and simple to write. However, some teachers from the university are not preferred Medium because it is hard to navigate to their subject blogs. I have to make a list of the subject and send that link to argue and request to submit the blog from Medium. Medium is good and simple! I saved many stories of my study in Medium, please allow me to use it!

Aries | ISFP | 6w7 | Brisbane, Queensland | Master of Design @QCA