Tri2 Week5: Professional Design Practice

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I felt exhausted recently because of working and a load of assessment. Today, we had Alejandra Ramirez Vidal as a lecture guest on the topic ‘The future of creative jobs digital’.

Alejandra recently is a lecturer and tutor at Griffith University on Gold Coast campus. She started the lecture with reasons for being and passion, then introduced a job that remotely works while travelling called ‘digital nomads’

She identified the problem statement of the creative jobs digital and working remotely. Digital nomads definition was introduced to the class which is an alternative job that can work while travelling. I have heard the digital nomads before but it’s quite new for me too. She indicated what a digital nomad is and how to survive as a digital nomad. It needs to plan before being a digital nomad. It seems beautiful but there are many risks and threats during the journey such as a bathroom, poor internet signal, lack of petrol and dangerous strangers.

She said she is a digital nomad and a lecturer at the same time. Alejandra talked about how did she lived as a digital nomad and showed her house-van to the class which reminded me that I have seen her van from Facebook feature before! It was amazing! I want that van and travel around Queensland like her! She told her travel stories and gave her Instagram to the class. I checked on her IG stories and I felt kind of jealous! Here is her provided IG.

The story from Alejandra was very beautiful and broaden my horizon. I want to see her stories further; therefore, I followed her Instagram when she left the meeting immediately.

After a short break, the seminar today was focusing on polishing a resume. I think the resume is the most important for employers to know their employment candidates. There are many forms of resumes to present my own potential. Geoff indicated examples of good resumes to the class and reminded us about our branding would match the resume.

Geoff suggested that the resume should be short and relevant. It must contain what employers look for such as skills that match job criteria, contact details and a spark of interest. He suggested what should and should not be in a resume and also good tips to polish the resume. Geoff also gave resume polishing URLs to the class, so we can apply the resume forms and styles from the source such as, and
/*click open image in new tab to see the details*/

Tips to polish the resume

According to my contact with Carlia last week. She didn’t reply to me on her website, but I found her Linkedin account and I sent the invitation to hers. Finally, she accepted to be my interviewee but she is quite busy this week because the Brisbane Festival is going to host a Brisbane event. She preferred me to send the interview questions to her and she will reply as soon as she can. I got her experience background from her Linkedin (It’s very thorough), and I wrote further questions to her:

1. When you were a QUT student, what was your dream job? And how could you plan your future career?

2. How could you find intern jobs when you were a student?

3. Did you go as your plan? or Did you find something that changed your plan and pushed you to be as you are in the current job?

4. Are you happy with your current job? Please tell me more about what makes you happy.

5. I’m interested in graphic design. When you created graphics for an event organisation, what kind of graphics did you make? (e.g. advertisement, logo, poster, a graphic on products)

6. What duties do you have to manage as a digital marketing coordinator at the Brisbane Festival?

7. If you are the head manager of digital marketing, what are the most important skills that you need from your team?

8. As a graphic designer, what are the first things that you consider for the outcome of your work? (e.g. for communication, attract people, beautiful and nice composition)

9. Do you have a goal? and What do you expect to achieve your goal?

10. I saw images in your portfolio, can I use some images to present to my professor in my report, please?

Aries | ISFP | 6w7 | Brisbane, Queensland | Master of Design @QCA