Tri2 Week5: Experience design

Hi World

According to the survey I created and shared on Facebook last week, there were many RP players who participated in the survey. The number of participants increased to 85 people in 5 days. I was very happy that people willingly did the survey this much. I translated some Thai answers to collect and analyse the diverse aspects. I closed the survey form and compiled information for the report which is due at the end of week 5.

Carolyn lecture today was focusing on XD element and XD process. She started talking about the assignment schedule and reviewed the progress as usual. She gave QR code from Mentimeter which was about how we feel and asking questions about the assignment. There were many questions about submission and consent and Carolyn answered every question clearly.

She moved on to the blog and briefly looked at students’ blogs. I have a bad habit that I used to work without record my process, then I realised every time when the work was completed that I had no ‘work in process’ evidence to show everyone.

Carolyn indicated how a good blog could be on the screen. I don’t think my blog could be as professional as she expected. I tried to write in what was my understanding and less personal negative thinking, but I may put it in sometimes when expressing my feeling. So far, I think I have collected much main information from weekly lessons, but none of the quotes or research references.

Then she moved on to the next about experiences. She reviewed the experience design elements that she had been explained last week. To motivate our thinking, she asked everyone in the classroom about how quality is information you got for your assignment. Before she finished the lesson on quantity and quality, she created breakout groups and challenged everyone to find a hotel in Cairns in AirBnB, then explained to the class how does the website navigate customers and how reliable the information is.

After the break, Carolyn brought us to the Miro board and discussed how everyone thinking of the assignment progress. She also allowed everyone in the class shared their research tips with other classmates. I shared my thinking to the research insight section that ‘I found many problems from the survey in role-play community. It seems I usually see only one side of the coin, so now I see another side of the coin, and I am willing to develop this small society to be happier.’.
Then I wrote a learning point to the board that ‘I thought of the people side when creating the survey. What they might find; How do they feel; If they feel uncomfortable, why?; If I can grant their wish come true, what do they want; etc.’

Carolyn showed that the personas are included in the experience process. She indicated that personas is a fictional character from your research that represents different types of users. Creating personas helps designers to understand their users more deeply. The personas must contain both demographic and psychographic information. She also showed many examples of acceptable personas and convinced her students to think of personas in their project.

At the end of the class, Carolyn summarised the experience design project ‘Happiness’ to set the topic of happiness aims, do the research, explain insights into user needs and generate ideas to develop the project.

After the class, I had a part-time job to handle. Then when I went back home, I collected all information I have to analyse insight and wrote it into the report. Honestly, I got much feedback on my writing skill that I had good ideas but I need to improve my communication skills because the readers might not clearly understand what I was thinking and what I am going to do. I wrote the report and read it many times before submitted it on Sunday.

Aries | ISFP | 6w7 | Brisbane, Queensland | Master of Design @QCA