Tri2 Week4: Professional Design Practice

Hi world

Welcome back from the student vacation. I wasn’t done many things in self-study because I have a part-time job. Today we had two guests in design and research areas, Ali (Alexandra) and Gabi (Gabielle). They joined the online classroom with us in the lecture between 12 to 1 pm.

My internet was not good today. I catched some story from our guests. First guest was Ali, who studied interactive and visual design and get a job in Lost Angeles, USA. She shared her story and how was her feeling when she studied and worked on coding. She had experience as a character designer and now she is an intern with a design system team. I was quite jealous her life was amasing and I can feel how flexible in her work balance she was!

Gabi is a research designer. As I catched her speech, she had experience with South Eastern Sydney Local Health District and recently works with Atlassian in the research and insights team. In the first place, she studied Bachelor of Psychological Science with UNSW and got a job as a researcher with NAB. Gabi showed her life of researcher at Atlassian and the process of her work as a researcher. She had experience about UX research, so it was very useful to students who want to work as UX designer like me.

After Gabi finish her story, we had a few questions to Gabi and Ali about how did they work and how did they apply their job. Then we had a small break when she was gone to work.

In seminar, Geoff reminded us on the first assignment and showed some example of the interview that he required. He explained what needs to be inside the report and encouraged us to share our report to the class.

Then Geoff separated us into the break out-groups. I was in a pair with Yuduan. When Geoff accessed our group, he carefully listened and had a look at our assessment process one by one. Honestly, I didn’t have many things to show him, so he was quite worried about my report. After knowing my report process so far, Geoff gave me a contact to Bryony who has work with the Brisbane Festival and suggested I ask her to be the interviewee. I continuously discussed with him my career plans. Before we finished the classroom, Geoff suggested everyone create a LinkedIn profile or a professional account on Instagram and present ourselves as a brand.

When I finished my part-time job at night, I went home and started writing an invitation form for my interviewees. I found one who is working with the Brisbane Fastival same as Bryony. Her name is Carlia Fuller. She recently is a digital marketing coordinator. I sent the invitation to her website and wait for her reply in the next day.