Tri2 week4: Experience Design

Hi World

Welcome back to study! Although I got a student vacation, I feel I need more time to rest. Today, Carolyn started reminding the assignment process and showed the schedule to the class.

Then she brought us to the Miro board and asked everyone the ideas of the assignments one by one.

After finished asking, she moved on to quantitative research and analysing existing data. In order to visualise data, we need to find source data and compile raw data, then refine and visualise it. She also introduced the Google Dataset Search and other free open data to define quantitative information.

She explained the quantitative study can be classified into experimental studies and descriptive studies. At this point my brain was stopped working, I felt confused with these types. After knowing the data analysation so far, I had no idea what are these types but kept going along with the lesson. I hope I can review and understand it later.

Next, Carolyn moved on to how to create and think of an online survey. She gave us a workshop to create a survey form on different platforms and share it with the group. She wanted us to be more familiar with creating survey forms on many platforms such as SurveyMonkey, Wufoo, Google form and Mentimeter. I was paired with Natalia and we created a survey form from

This platform is quite similar to the google form that I used to create a survey form. We were actually struggling when using the unfamiliar platform. At that time, I could not share my screen, so Natalia shared her screen and explained what were we have done. We were not familiar with the tool, so there were few questions in the end. Carolyn suggested we try using these suggested tools from L@G to make an online survey before she finished the class.

When I had study time after the class, I create a google form to collect surveys from role players. Honestly, I wrote some questions from my curious and it may not relate to my report. These are questions that I put in the survey.

How old are you?

What is your gender?

How long have you been playing role-play community?

Are you still playing?

From the previous question, can you tell me the reason why were you quit or still playing?

What genre of RP community that you have been played?

What platform have you been played an RP community?

What did you get from playing RP community?

How did you know the RP community in the first place?

What problem did you meet when you play the RP community for the first time?

Overall, are you happy when playing RP community?

From the previous question, can you explain the reason?

Why you are feeling that way?

What is the happiest thing while playing RP community?

Would you like to share what you are thinking or feeling about RP community?

[Critical thinking] How COVID-19 affects the RP community?

Do you think we can play safely during this situation?

[Critical thinking] What do you expect from RP community in the future?

After shared this survey form in my Facebook account, I asked my friends to share it. I crossed my fingers and hope that there will be at least 10 people answer my survey.

Aries | ISFP | 6w7 | Brisbane, Queensland | Master of Design @QCA