Tri2 Week3: Professional Design Practice

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The third week has come! I finally accessed the Professional design practice in L@G and got a little surprised by the class notification that today I should finish the blog in week 3 and send the blog link to Michelle.
Guess, who isn’t finish her blog..

Today, Michelle suggested reading the Ethics forms when we have to interview some professionals for our assignment. What we should do and what we must not do for the interview. She started the lecture with the question ‘What is Design?’. In my point of view, design is not only aesthetic and function, but it is likely to be everything for humanity. In my previous study in the design field, I studied the taste of art, functions of the products, ergonomic and communication to users. I believed that designers would work on creating things to facilitate people sustainably. In this postgraduate study, I studied more advanced design thinking and human-centred, and I realised that how important it is that designers affect humans being.

Michelle showed 3H that important to designers which were:

  1. Head: designer should know problems and try to solve them.

She also explained the wicked problems in design thinking and the orders of design that the first stage would be the communication which can complete by graphic, information and visual designers. The second stage would be the production and the next stage would be the interaction. The final stage would be the systems or environment which can complete by enterprise , business and organisation design. Michelle also talked about the double diamond structure that contains design methods to discover, define, develop and deliver from problem to solution.

Then Michelle talked about the career history of Harry Payne, the previous students’ job, Max & Thor, and Leisa Reichelt who works as a head of research and insight. Before she finished the lecture, she showed the types of traditional design careers and the contemporary design careers as a choice of career for students. I wondered that I have been worked and studied in the traditional design career for long time.

When Michelle left, Geoff gave us 5 minutes break and then came back to the seminar. He emphasised the assignment brief again and showed the suggested process in order to do the assignment correctly. In this week, we should think of the research in each scenario and think of the interview. Geoff also reminded us the blog progress and said that it was suggested to finish blogs every 3 weeks because Michelle is going to check it.

Geoff indicated the report structure that what should be in the career strategy report. This structure helped me to visualise the contexts inside my report. He suggested to plan two scenarios with a case study and required the timeline for 3 years in each plan.

Then Geoff suggested everyone to find the interviewee in the industry that we are going to achieve the career path. He showed how to contact the professional and explained what kind of question we should ask. He told that we should present our personal brand and don’t forget to conclude what you have learn from the assignment task1.

After finished the class, I did research more about scenarios. what I should do to work as a UX/ UI designer. What duties and what skill requirement. I was quite blank about finding the interviewee because I don’t know anyone that I could interview them, but I started questions draft during finding the interviewee.

Aries | ISFP | 6w7 | Brisbane, Queensland | Master of Design @QCA