Tri2 Week2: Professional Design Practice

Hi World

I was still being a guest today because of the error in the enrolment. I got an e-mail from Garry, the university technician, he said I can access the classroom this evening. Finally, I can check the assessment brief myself!. This afternoon, we have a lecture with Michelle.

In this lecture, Michelle presented her weekly slide and started explaining the concept of ‘career’ for the 21st century. She identified the model of career development that could help students to think and plan their path-ways career. Interestingly, when Michelle explained about the creative careers, she showed a chart about the Australian creative industries ecologies. It made me think of the possible ways to work in the creative workforce if I cannot work as my plan. Michelle also added some factors that may impact the labour market such as new technology, demographics, advanced communities, outsourcing and emerging market economies.

After the lecture, Geoff encouraged us to speak about what we think of Michelle’s lecture. He reminded us about the assignment brief and also asked us one by one about the job plans. I really appreciated his concern about his students’ future.

I didn’t have a chance to see the full brief of the first assignment yet because of the technical issue. However, as I see the assignment brief from Geoff, I started thinking about my dream job in Australia. To be honest, I didn’t have any plan and I didn’t know what to do. I just love to work. In my past, whatever the role was, I did my work as good as I can. I was a graphic designer in Thailand for 3 years and I can say I’ve never felt bore with my job. Although I was being other roles that were not related to my art potential, I love to work on those jobs as well. However, I told Geoff what I roughly planned last week that my dream job is a UX or UI designer and my alternative plan is a graphic designer. I might continuously do research on what I told Geoff and try to find possible ways to achieve it.

I roughly did research on about the UX and UI designer’s roles after finished my past-time job. I felt stress about the job requirement and duties because I didn’t have experience in this role, but the salary is very attractive! Then it caused a question to me that should I develop myself to get this job in 1 year or should I give up and go with the graphic design duties that I feel more familiar with?.

Aries | ISFP | 6w7 | Brisbane, Queensland | Master of Design @QCA