Tri2 Week1: Still&Moving images

Hi World

Good morning dear morning class. This is the first class of Still & Moving images. Peter Thiedeke is my lecturer and he started asking about students’ design backgrounds. After we introduced ourselves, he introduced us to what we were going to study. For the first class, he explained:

  • course introduction
  • Learning outcomes
  • Assessment in brief
  • Some example videos from other students
  • Adobe online tutorial
  • Camera and kinds of university stuff

Peter roughly explained about university equipment which is using in the course and software that we are going to study. For example, Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop, After Effect and Premiere Pro. In my background, I was skilful in Photoshop and had little knowledge of After Effect, Lightroom and Premiere Pro, so I was glad to learn the new programs. Then he showed us how to set the work folders and how to make a backup folder in Adobe Lightroom Classic.

Unfortunately, I didn’t bring my studio laptop on that day. I just only set up the folder and remember how to make a backup folder in Lightroom. The picture below is a folder structure that Peter suggested making.

Setting up the saving folder

We were studying via Peter’s Microsoft Sway. Inside the Sway, he presented the course activities and how to set up the mobile camera. He also introduced the university Pebble Pad for the assignment submission. He gave us time to set up and be familiar with the Pebble Pad. We spent little time knowing how to access the QCA Canon D80 DSLR cameras and tripods before the end of the class. Peter suggested everyone borrowing the university camera to work on their own assessment as well.

In order to borrow the university camera, I need to complete health & safety courses including Digital SLR (Canon 80D) and Tripod (Vanguard) Induction. I had the Experience Design class immediately after the Still & Moving Images class. Therefore, I need to finish these required courses after I went back home.

The Annual Fire Safety Training
The Health and Safety Induction
The Manual Tasks/Office Ergonomics
The Camera and Tripod Online Induction

Today I got homework to make a series of my self-portrait too, but I planned to take photos on Friday or this weekend because I have no class on Friday and I prefer daylight when taking photos to fluorescent light at night.

Aries | ISFP | 6w7 | Brisbane, Queensland | Master of Design @QCA